31 Aug 2013

Maasai Mara Wilderness Lodges

Maasai Mara Wilderness Lodges

This hotel is a luxurious pne with 26 tented camps. Each of the tentered camp is equiped with its oun individual solar hot water unit.

The pictures below show the main lounge and kitchen as we await to include the tents. We are currently installing 4 units for the staff quarters.

Maasai Mara wilderness lodges has 10 luxury camps in the Maasai mara conservancy near a town known as Talek.

These luxury tents have been equipped with 170litres of solar hot water units each. The public area which houses the kitchen, dining room and public washrooms has 2 No 300litres of solar hot water.The staff quarters that will have 20 staff members has also  been equipped with 3 No 300litres solar hot water units.

170litres solar hot water tank for each individual tent