30 Nov 2015

Hybrid Power Installation in Alrijiju – Nanyuki

Hybrid Power Installation In Alrijiju – Nanyuki

The Victron Energy Quattros are the heart of the system. With the Victron Energy provided quick set up  ‘Assistants’ and pre set ‘Grid inverter support’ the Quattros are easy to set up, use and fine tune.

The 9 x Quattros provide off-grid power from the batteries and the Fronius PV inverters provide the current to the loads. Excess current is fed back to the batteries as the Quattros are bi-directional. At any time if the load exceeds the power available from the PV inverters, the Quattro inverters provide the difference from battery storage. Should the battery level drop below a set point or should an excess load over a set point arise on any phase, the Quattro through their built in auxiliary programmable ports can start a back up diesel generator to assist the situation, until the battery level gets to a preset level or the load situation subsides.