How to lower your power costs with Tafsiri Energy solar water heaters

How to lower your power costs with Tafsiri Energy solar water heaters

One of the most annoying things you could ever encounter is power going out when you’re taking a shower. I will draw you a picture. You turn on the water and step into the shower. A lovely tune by Celine Dion crosses your mind, which you belt out as you lather your body.

Mid-tune, you realize that the water has started being a little chilly so you think to yourself “Must be the thermostat” Few seconds pass and the water becomes even colder. Then it hits you – the power has gone out. You’re covered in soap from head to toe and your Celine Dion tune has turned to a stream of expletives directed at Kenya Power.

This is not the only downside to electric powered hot showers. Electricity is the most expensive way to heat water. Did you know that a third of your household electricity bill can be attributed to hot water showers? The rise in electricity cost and the frequent power outage would make any home or business owner want to reconsider their options.

According to the Climate Innovation Centre, Kenya receives solar power of about 4 – 6 kWh per square metre a day which contrasts with the 2.3 kWh consumed by an average Kenyan household.  This why companies like Tafsiri Energy work tirelessly to provide Kenyan homes and institutions with solar power.

Solar water heaters are very rewarding:

They reduce power costs: Installation is a one-time cost. However, the price ranges based on the amount of hot water you need, your building’s location and the layout of your plumbing system. Solar water heaters conserve energy and lower demand for electricity relieving the pressure on power generation plants. This allows you to be a patriot as you support Kenya’s shift to clean renewable energy.

They give you energy independence: You will not have to depend on a noisy generator or Kenya Power for water heating solutions for your home, boarding facility, hotel or institution. There shall be hot water running even during blackouts. Lenana and Heart Lodge, Ridgeways are some of the institutions that have discovered energy independence from solar water heating.

They lower your carbon footprint: Your carbon footprint is the amount of CO2 and other carbon compounds that were induced by your activities in a given time frame. A higher carbon footprint adversely affects the climate and our environment. Unlike fossil fuels which are non-renewable and pollute the environment, solar power delivers hot water in a safe and efficient way.

They are efficient: Solar panels, called collectors turn approximately 80% of the radiation into heat energy. They don’t take up your space because they are fitted on your roof. These solar panels collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up the water stored in the hot water cylinder. For optimal performance, choose a solar water heater provider who stocks high quality products, preferably from Europe because they are known to be durable and require minimal maintenance. Ensure that they are accredited by the Energy Regulatory Commission to do the purchase and installation. Moreover, your provider must have local warranty just in case something goes wrong. Tafsiri Energy offers Local Solar Product Warranty to all its dealers, installers and end users.

They use free energy: Few things in life are free. Sunlight is one of them – It is renewable, a quality that makes it inexhaustible. Kenya’s climate ensures that you have hot water throughout the year even on cloudy days. As oil resources get depleted in the next few decades, you can only expect fossil energy to become costly. How do you prepare yourself for this eventuality? Join over 75,000 households and institutions that are saving costs across the country.

The first thing a solar water heater provider will do is survey your premises and design a system that is suitable for you.

Tafsiri Energy has experienced engineers who will install your system efficiently, testing it to make sure that it meets the required performance standards. They will also carry out maintenance when required as well as top notch after sales service.

Would you like to be in control of your power costs? Find out more.


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